Downloadhub VS Project Free TV – Which Sounds Better?
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During this quarantine period, it is tough to spend time and make yourself happy. So why don’t you try to download your favorite movies, web series, serials, and other things that will help you to have a wonderful time with your family members? All you can also enjoy it alone if you want, well, we already know that nowadays there are so many legal platforms where you can watch lots of web series or movies, but it has subscription price, which is not affordable for everyone.

So to save money here, we have some illegal websites, but if you use the VPN on your PC, then it is straightforward to download your favorite movies. The names are Downloadhub and Project Free TV, well, these two platforms are illegal, and it is easy to download the videos from this place; it will consume the data charges only.

Downloadhub VS Project Free TV – Which Sounds Better?

What is Downloadhub?

Well, Downloadhub is one of those websites that gives you a choice to download lots of movies from one place only. They are providing videos in different categories and languages so the people can enjoy it easily. Well, it is an illegal website, and the US banned it much time for a few months, but again it comes back and entertains all the users. To download any movie from Downloadhub, you need to reach the website from any browser and search your favorite movie on the search bar to get the film in your language, and formatted size then download it.

We all know that Downloadhub is not a paid subscription platform, but it shows many ads that you need to skip or at least watch once to download the movie or any web series. Secure your pc from antivirus because the website also has malware, so it is possible that while downloading the file, you also download the virus that destroys everything. It also provides MP3 songs, video songs, video albums, and so many other things. Well, it takes time to get new release movies on the day of release date, but it can get after a few days.

This is a popular website on Google, and it is used all over the world, not in particular countries. Apart from this, the user can also go with online video streaming services, so watching online movies is also possible. So while downloading the movies or series, it is necessary to take some precautions like install the VPN to download any film or web series, if possible, then use the incognito browser to protect your data from hackers. Install antivirus on your pc that secures your computer from various malware or other viruses.

This torrent website can be closed anytime, so if possible, then also find alternative options so your entertainment time won’t ruin, and you can enjoy your family time with your family members. Well, we have one name, which is known as Project Free TV. Yes, it is also another alternative where you can enjoy your favorite movies and web series.

What is Project Free TV?

It is another platform to watch your favorite movies, serials, or latest web series. Well, on this platform, you can stream online videos, or you can download it offline and watch it later. Project Free TV is an online video search engine that embeds videos from all over the internet and provides links to the third party to view online or for download purposes. The user needs to download their favorite program, and then they can enjoy it anytime. Well, it is not like a video hosting platform where you can go anytime and download the videos. It is the main difference between the Downloadhub and Project Free TV.

On this Project, Free TV users can easily watch all the oldest and latest serial, web series, and movies in any language. Well, it is not illegal because it is an online video search engine, so all the videos are added with the legality of the third party, so no need to worry about it, but everyone not able to use it. It is much better to use it separately so it will not harm your computer. It is prevalent all over the world but also banned in the UK and Norway.

So it is quite hard to open Project Free TV. Well, you can use it, too, with the help of a VPN; it will allow you to download your favorite shows. The USA has access to this online, but it can risk your computer if you’re not smart enough to stream the project free TV. Downloading is different, and viewing illegal content legally online is a different thing. You can do this on this video search engine, but protect your pc with antivirus and install the VPN so that it will be helpful for everyone.

Well, this is a safe zone if you don’t try to sell the content copy to other people online or any other way; otherwise, they can take legal actions on you. You need to use it on a private road and enjoy all the videos online or offline. It is a safe site, and it contains fewer ads pop-ups so the user will not get irritated easily as it is also free for users, so it has fewer ads in comparison to downloadhub. But while using this video search engine, you’re putting your computer at risk.


As we compare both of the platforms. Downloadhub is used to download the videos and series to your pc so you can enjoy it anytime. While Free Project TV is used to watch the videos online or offline, the user cannot share the content with anyone or sell it to anyone; otherwise, legal actions will be taken by the authority. Well, the user can choose any platform for entertainment purposes, or they can try both the platforms to get the best results. After that, they will get time to think and suggest other people too. If they want to share the content with their friends than Downloadhub is the best platform.

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