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Downloadhub VS Putlocker – What to Choose?
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Nowadays, there are lots of legal platforms for watching movies, serials, and web series, but most of them are having fees, which is not possible for everyone. So it is very much important to find such platforms that are illegal, but the user can download their favorite movies anytime. Well, there are many platforms available on the internet from where anyone can download the videos, but popular platforms are less. Today we are going to know about such platforms known as Downloadhub and Putlocker.


Features of Downloadhub:

It is an illegal online website from which any user can easily download anytime and anywhere. They are providing all types of movies like action, horror, kids, comedy, romantic, suspense, crime, and so on. All you need to do is search downloadhub.com on your browser and click on it. After that type your favorite movie name on the search bar, ialayalam, and so on. The user can download it anytime and anywhere.

t will show the movie in your language if it is dubbed. This website also provides videos in other languages such as English, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, M

Well, it is much better if the user can use the VPN; it will protect the identity of the user and also protect pc from other malware attacks. So also install the anti-virus on your pc. Downloadhub also provides the facility to watch online streaming videos anytime. Well, this is the most popular website on Google, and millions of people are using it daily. Online streaming will benefit you and restore the storage area. People from all countries are using this website to download the series. It is available in English but provides all genres of movies.

We all know that downloadhub won’t charge any subscription charges from users, so instead of that, they are showing ads to their users. Some of them can be skipped, but some of them not, so be patient while downloading any movie from downloadhub. It will take time, but they are providing one movie in many formats so it can be chosen by the user, to use fewer data and time for downloading. Well, it is a pirated website, so it is better to know that if you use it with your IP address than it is illegal, and Google can take legal actions on you.

So if you want to download the movies from downloadhub, then it is essential to use VPN to protect identity, open the website on incognito mode, so tracking is impossible and also installs the anti-virus to protect the pc from other malware threats. The site uploads the piracy content without the consent of the maker, so if the website gets shut down, then it is hard to revive it back on the internet because Google guidelines are stringent on such matters. So if you want to download the movies from downloadhub, then beware and take some precautions for it.

Features of Putlocker:

Another platform to download the movies or other shows is Putlocker. It is the website that was opened in 2011, but it will be closed in 2016. Due to the court orders, and it was claimed as the illegal website from the many media people. So the owners had to shut down the official website in 2016, but after making the website legal,

they reopen it again with another name in the UK. Well, putlocker is the same, but sometimes they are changing the extensions so that no one can claim on it quickly.

Well, Putlocker is not a safe website for any website because it contains malware threats, and after closing this website, many other site owners try to take place with the same name but different extensions such as putlocker.me, putlocker.net and so on. Well, officially putlocker is not a legal website, but it contains a legitimate host. Still, they are uploading illegal copies of movies on their site without the consent of the original owner. Due to which it is hard to keep it open, they also try to reopen it with another IP, but it is almost not possible. The website was banned entirely in 2016.

Well, original sites only show some pop-ads to earn money but other fake websites not only indicates the pop-up ads but when user click on it, then it takes the user to another software page or the adult content page. So every user needs to beware of the fake websites because they are also the reason for cybercrime. Well, the site is banned in the UK, but it is still working on many other countries and provide entertaining series to their users. Well, to use Putlocker with pc, it is necessary to take some precautions.

Use VPN on your pc it will save your identity from tracking, and if possible, then open the website on the incognito mode it will not save the data and also protect it. Another thing that you can use is to install the anti-virus on your pc it will stop the malware attacks on your pc, and the data will be secured. Well, the website is illegal in many countries, but still, people are using it with other tricks like using VPN and other methods. Many countries also allow the site, and if it is banned, then even people are using it and downloading their favorite movies quickly.


Well, both the platforms are illegal, but ordinary people are still using these platforms because each person cannot afford the legal platforms and their subscription prices, so the users must get know about the alternatives. If the sites get banned, then users can also use the alternative websites to download their favorite movies and series at any time. There are lots of options and better websites than downloadhub and putlocker that will help everyone to download the video anytime. So don’t wait and check out the site using the precaution and download the favorite movie or series anytime.…

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