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How to watch Project Free Tv?
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There are potentially thousands of movie torrent websites available on the web. Even thousand would be an undervaluation seeing there are tons of torrent websites available specializing on contents of a particular language, a particular region, and countries. Then tons try to cover all the genres, languages, regions, countries, etc.

These sites offer users with uploaded movies and shows, allowing them to download it or stream it online. And on top of that, they are free. This sounds like subscribing to OTT platforms without actually subscribing to them, watching movies in the theatre without actually going there, having access to all movie shows and shows across the world on your fingertips, etc.

But these are all true to a certain extent.

  • Many a time it happens that a particular website that a user uses frequently might not have the content he/she has been craving for.
  • At times, when he is lucky enough to find his movie or show, he may not get it in the desired quality or the desired language.
  • Torrent sites are also not liked for the multitude of ads they feature and disturb the user interaction.
  • They may not get the information from other users about the working, performance, and effectiveness of the website.

Seeing all these drawbacks of torrent websites, one would feel going to theatres and subscribing to OTT platforms is a better option as he/she will not have to face such problems after spending money on theatres and subscriptions.

How to watch Project Free Tv?

But after 2013 these all drawbacks have been taken care of. Because in 2013 came the Project Free Tv website, which has proved to be a pathbreaking invention. It does not face the problems faced by other movie torrent websites to a great extent. So before going any further, let us address the Elephant in the room,i.e., Project Free Tv.

What is Project Tv?

Project Free Tv is a viral website that helps the users in streaming their favorite movies and shows online in standard quality. It is a website that hosts thousands of other websites in which the movies are uploaded. The movies and shows are played using an online video player of those websites. So it is like a search engine for these websites, and it hosts links to their uploads (movies and shows). It has a broader scope than an ordinary movie torrent website. But this mere definition is not enough to understand how great this website is. To understand this, we need to look into its features.

Features of Project Free Tv


Like the name of the website suggests, the website is free for users, and they can watch content from various sorts of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. They can also search for contents that are aired on television and movies that are/were on theatres and watch them online without spending a nickel.

Variety and Multitude

They provide users with a wide variety and quantity of content. There are movies available from different years, shows from different OTT platforms and TV channels, and also documentaries and short films. Altogether it provides users with a wholesome diet of content.


The website tries to provide its users with the best experience and, therefore, has kept it away from ads, which is a significant step to increase viewership. Ads are strictly prohibited on this website. Users will get to see ads once they open the video player for streaming the movie, but that ad is provided by the site in which the respective movie is uploaded and not by Project Free Tv.


Project Free Tv provides its users with a very sought-after interface that enhances the users’ experience. The website provides tabs for movies and shows that help the users to check the latest content that is uploaded. It also has tabs specifying the different genres of content that assist the users in selecting movies and shows from their desired genres. And if users are looking for specific content, they can use its search feature to search for that content.

Other features

The website contains various links for the same content, which can be very helpful if one link doesn’t work. It, because of being a host to all websites, provides users the latest content more quickly as compared to any other torrent website. Besides, it also has a comment section. A link review section tells the users whether the specific link works.

So, Project Free Tv has the benefits and features of all the movie torrent sites combined and has negligible limitations as compared to those websites. It has revolutionized the way many people used to watch movies and shows. But despite all the benefits it has to offer, many people tend to refrain from using this website. This is because they feel the website is pretty sophisticated and can be used only by tech geeks and not by someone like them. But this is just a delusion.

How to use Project Free Tv to watch your favorite movies and shows?

It is pretty easy to use Project Free Tv, and anybody can use it. The following steps will help you stream online movies on the website in just one go.

Open the website

To watch movies and shows in Project Free Tv, users first need to open the website. For this, they can copy its URL in the web browser and open the website.

Or if they are unable to find its URL, they can search ‘Project Free Tv’ from the search engine and open the website from the link that the search engine result displays.

Log in/Sign up

The website provides the pre-existing users with the facility of logging in to their Project Free Tv account. For the new users, it also provides the facility to sign up/register with the website and then log in to their new Project Free tv account.

  • For signing up, the users have to give their email ID and their names simply.
  • Then they are asked to set their Username and Password for their new ID.
  • Users can log in using their username and password.

The users can skip this step as it is not compulsory. But logging in will provide users with many features of the website that they can not access without logging in like adding comments, changing the color of the website, etc.

Look for desired movies/shows

In Project Free Tv, Users can look for their desired movies by merely scrolling the home screen or by selecting the specific genre that it resembles from different tabs of Genres.

If the user is looking for shows, then he can click on the Shows tab.

If the users think that the above things would take a lot of time, then, for their comfort, a searchbar is available from where they can search for movies or shows they feel like watching.

Selecting a Host website

Once the users are done with looking for the movies and have successfully located their desired movies and shows, they are supposed to click on the movie or show. After clicking on the movie or show the users are brought to a new page that contains links of different Host websites and also contains information like when it has been uploaded, the director, duration, little info of the movie, etc. Users can select the desired host website from which they want to watch that particular movie/show. There are link reviews available, reviewed by other users, which can help the users in selecting the most appropriate website amongst them all.

Users should not click on links that read ‘download’ as these are links to advertisements that can cause delays. These links are fake because Project Free Tv only allows its users to stream free movies/shows online, but it does not allow them to download any content. In short, it does not provide the facility of downloading content.

Skipping ads

After clicking on the link of the desired Host website, a video player opens with a play button in between. For streaming the movie, the users have to click on that play button, and the movie starts to play. But at the beginning, the users are provided with ads in the video player. They are supposed to click on the skip button that appears after the ad has played for five seconds. It was stated earlier that Project Free Tv does not feature any ads. These ads are played by the Host websites and the video player.

Adding comments and inquiries

At last, users can add comments if they want to or make an inquiry if they face some issues.


Therefore, from the above steps, it is pretty clear that using and watching movies/shows over Project Free Tv is very simple. And anyone with a desire to watch their free movies and shows can use it to watch them for free and at a standard quality.…

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